The Zombie Thrill Run 2018 held on Saturday October 27 will be in support of the Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre.

The Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre was established to help rectify mental health issues within Renfrew County, with their primary objective to bring hope and restoration for families and individuals experiencing crisis and to aid them on their journey to wellness. It is a local organization that offers counselling services including, but not limited to; grief and loss, and distress counselling. The centre is an efficient and effective support service that is highly utilized by Pembroke and Area residents, many of whom are our first responders.  That is why The Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre has chosen to hold the event in honour of our emergency services; fire, police and paramedic.

The Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre is not government funded and continues to operate solely on funds raised and donations. This was a consideration in the Zombie Thrill Run Committee’s decision to choose The Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre as this year’s benefactor.  We believe that they are a necessary service to maintain in Renfrew County, and that by supporting them, we are genuinely giving back to our community.

In the past five years the “Zombie Thrill Run”, had over 4000 community participants and volunteers raise over $150,000.00 for Breast Cancer Research Carefor’s New mental health wing, and The New Algonquin Trail. We look forward to our new undertaking and are very excited about this community endeavour.